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Shereen Nordin

Dyna Lim


Hi, my name is Dyna and I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Management from University of Murdoch.

I began my career as a private tutor upon graduation and this is my 28th year as a tutor.

The subjects that I am teaching are English, Math and Science for primary levels as well as Math for Secondary levels.

These 28 years has been an amazing journey for me. I began as a home tutor and was invited to teach at a Residents’ Committee in Toa Payoh for a few years before I set up my own Enrichment centre in Tampines.

The reason why I am still very passionate about this profession is the sense of satisfaction I get each time I help a child to achieve better grades as well as developing an interest in the subject which he/she used to be fearful of.

I have always believed that the ‘WHY’ comes before the ‘HOW’ and if I can help the child to develop an interest in the subject he is weak in, his willingness to learn will be greater and this will help the child to improve better.

If you were to ask me how I manage to help a child gain more interest in the subject, my strategy has always been turning education into edutainment so that the lesson is entertaining, engaging and effective in their learning.

If you are interested to take a look at how I conduct the lessons online, do sign up for a trial lesson with me to experience a totally different way of learning.

Shereen Nordin

Shereen Nordin

English Tutor

Ms Shereen is an English tutor and was formerly an MOE teacher from 2011 to 2019.

During that time, she specialised in English and taught students from Secondary 1 to 5 from the NT, NA and O level streams.

With her years of recent experience and familiarity with the MOE syllabus, she is in the perfect position to make understanding easy for students and help them excel in English examinations.

During her free time, she enjoys going on 'live' safari drives in Africa through YouTube channels, and working out so that she can indulge in more bubble tea with slightly less guilt.

Axelle Quek

Axelle Quek

Mathematics Tutor

For some of you reading this now, you may be thinking… "Math is simple? NO WAY!"
Well, I hope I can make you think otherwise…

Hello! I’m Ms. Quek.

Distraction and procrastination have been my best friends since my growing up years. I get distracted easily when presented with wordy and boring stuff. They make me sleepy and I can’t wait to put them away till I really, really have to look at them again. Thus, being Concise & Colourful was how I learned, and it is what you will be expecting in my course too.

I’m a full time Math tutor and Robotics trainer, had spent 2 wonderful years as a part-time special-needs teacher. I believe in equipping my students with not just mathematical skills, but the right mindset to approach challenges in many years to come. Simply because, Life is more complicated than Maths!

Ubrina Tock

Stanley Yeo

Primary and Secondary Tutor

Private Tutor; and a Private Pilot

Hello everyone! I am Stanley. I wish to contribute by enhancing and facilitating the learning process of students in the primary and secondary school level. It is my hope that my enthusiasm and passion towards lifelong learning, by having specific goals, can have a positive influence on my students and propel them to greater heights in their academic careers and beyond.

During my academic journey, I attended Gongshang Primary School, Dunman High School (DHS), Victoria Junior College (VJC) and National University of Singapore (NUS).

I achieved straight distinctions for all my subjects, including CCA, taken at GCE O Levels. For GCE A Levels, I attained 6 distinctions, including CCA. I also bagged 2 prestigious national awards - President's Scout Award & Nationa) Youth Achievement GOLD Award at VJC. Both awards were presented to me by Mr SR Nathan.

I was commissioned by Mr SR Nathan in 200S as a Navy Officer during my National Service.

I then went on to NUS to achieve a major in Chemical Engineering (2nd Upper Honours), and a Minor in Economics.

I offer Tuition sessions to primarily Sec 3 and 4 students in A & E Math, Pure Chemistry and Combined Science. I also offer my assistance to Primary 6 and lower Secondary levels, as well as International School Students.

It is my wish that I follow my students through to their final O and A level exams. I adopt different teaching methods, as I do not believe in a 'one size fits all' approach.

I engage parents to cooperate with me in supervising and ensuring that their child/children complete homework assigned to them. I also provide updates to parents on their learning progress and prescribe additional materials when necessary.

Dexin Chua

Dexin Chua

Principles of Accounts Tutor

Hi, I am an ACCA graduate and an Honors Degree holder in Applied Accounting with more than 5 years of teaching experience in Principles of Accounts. Through my years of teaching, I have helped many students to excel in this subject for their N and O level examinations, including ADHD students.

Allow me to share the experience that I had with one of the ADHD boys. He was in Sec 3 NA when I first met him. He showed me his mid-year exam paper. Results: 3/100. Basically, he could not understand what his school’s teacher was teaching so he became switched off during his school lessons. I started by going through with him the basic concepts in double entries to build up his foundation and to also practice questions for his upcoming class test. Unexpectedly, two lessons from me and he managed to pass his class test. He got exactly 10/20. Both he and his parents were very surprise and happy about his progress in the subject. That was how he started to like the subject and worked hard for his next class test. Another two weeks later (that means after my 4th lesson with him), in his next class test, he scored 15/20. His confidence was further boosted. He scored A for his Sec 3NA final year exam (he was one of the top three students in class for this subject). Before he started his Sec 4NA, he told me that he wanted to change his tuition lessons from weekly to bi-weekly. For sec 4 NA journey, he never failed to score A for all his POA class tests, school exams and the N level exam.

Sign up for my pre-recorded videos and tuition lessons and I will share with you exclusive exam tips.

Ubrina Tock

Ubrina Tock

English and History Tutor

Ms Tock is a former MOE secondary school teacher who taught English and History. While she enjoyed a few years of helping hundreds of students excel at both subjects, she resigned from service to explore the world and pick up some new skills.

Now a qualified barista and snowboard instructor, she is back in the (online) classroom doing what she does best – making learning fun and effective for students.

Her ability to make History come alive and to make difficult concepts easy to understand, will help you do well and enjoy the subject!